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I have over a decade of experience in the corporate world, including six years in the Fortune 500 with Ogilvy & Mather, one of the premier advertising agencies in the world. I also have experience working in smaller firms, including the American offices of two Japanese companies, Eckert Research International Corporation (now the Eckert Scientific International Corporation) and Computer Services Corporation (CSK, for its Japanese initials). For eight years, I served as the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at Professional Services Group in Orlando, Florida. Noteworthy accomplishments include the following:

  • wrote the first white paper on the potential use of artificial intelligence in the advertising industry, at the request of David Ogilvy himself;

  • obtained over USD $1 million in research funding from different components of the U.S. Department of Defense;

  • developed a screen to detect major psychiatric disorder in college-age populations;

  • wrote and presented two papers for a NATO conference on the defence against terrorism, held at the headquarters of the British Ministry of Defense, in London;

  • wrote and presented one of the early papers on the potential social and psychological impact of virtual reality, for a conference on the human-computer interaction.

I am the founder and, currently, the CEO of three firms:

  • The Ontos Companies, which develop and market products and services in several areas, including the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, virtual reality home entertainment, and career development.

  • The LVX Media Group, which publishes multimedia materials for the general public and for niche markets under several imprints.

Potential investors in The Ontos Companies's projects are welcome to reach me through the Contact tab.


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Mark Koltko-Rivera